Biotin & Collagen


Hey there!

This is the shampoo I use. 🙂

I’ve been using Biotin & Collagen for about 6 months now. It was recommended to me by a friend who said that it would help my hair grow faster. Let me just say that this product will NOT necessarily make your hair grow faster. The product clearly states on the bottle that it “creates the appearance of thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair” and that is indeed what it does.

I have medium to thick, straight hair and it tends to be on the oily side. I basically have to wash it everyday or else it will look like I haven’t washed it in weeks (SO jealous of girls who can go two or three days without washing their hair because this is supposed to be healthier for the hair).

The bottle contains 13 fl. oz. and costs anywhere from $5.56-$8 (depending on where you buy it from). One bottle generally lasts me about a month and a half.

After just a few days of using this product I noticed that my hair was in fact feeling thicker than usual. It made my hair really soft and it smelled AMAZING. The shampoo is a light lavender purple color and it’s thicker than your average shampoo.

**Because the shampoo is thick it is important for you to rinse very thoroughly. I was just doing the bare minimum and the amount of product build up that I had the next morning was ridiculous. I honestly felt like I hadn’t washed my hair in two weeks. I went to a hair salon to ask why I had so much build up and they recommended me to rinse for at least 4 minutes.

I also found that my hair looks better when I blow dry it (since my hair is thick it could be 6 to 8 hours before my hair completely dries). In occasions where I don’t dry my hair (which is most of the time because I usually let my hair air dry) my hair would have this wet look all day and by the end of the day I felt like I still had product in my hair. This wet look then led to a flat look at the top (which I’m not really a fan of).

Random Note: I felt like my nails grew stronger and thicker as well! (PLUS)

As of right now I am still using this shampoo. I just can’t get over how great it looks/feels/smells when I do have the time to dry it. I truly believe that this is a great product, but I think it’d be better for thinner hair. I might have to research the rest of their products to see which is best for my hair.

If you’ve tried this product let me know what you thought in the comments! I’d love to hear what it does to different types of hair.

Please include:

hair type, whether it’s greasy or not, the thickness of your hair and whether or not you like it or not.



3 Replies to “Biotin & Collagen”

  1. My hair is thick, and wavy. I’m currently using the coconut milk Ogx. Although I find my hair is still tending to get oily quickly. This is mostly because I’m pregnant and my hair is growing so fast. The one thing is I looooooove the smell. Absolutely amazing!

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  2. Hi Lesli! I have not tried this specific shampoo but, 2 of my besties have recommended it already and reading this post makes me want to buy it right now. My hair is thickish, wavy-ish almost curly. It definitely gets greasy like after the 2nd day, so annoying. BUT I love my hair most days 💁Loving your blog, keep it up girlie!
    PS. You seem super cool.


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