ColourPop – Liquid Lipsticks & Lippie Stix

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Left to right: Creeper, Scrooge, Poppin


Have you heard of ColourPop?

I first heard of this company about a year ago. A friend from work was telling me about how excited she was to receive her Lippie Stix and how they were so affordable. I went home that day and searched them and at first I was a bit skeptical. In fact I was so unsure if whether or not the product would be worth it since the products were cheaper than the stuff I was currently purchasing.

A year after all this occurred, one of my best friends actually mentioned it and I gave in and purchased some. Since I was wanting to try out the matte look and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest a good chunk of money on something that I wasn’t sure if I was going to like, I decided to purchase a ultra matte liquid lipstick from ColourPop, and I was VERY impressed.

The quality of these products are a lot better than I expected. I was expecting the formula to be poor quality, not enough pigment, and for it to rub off easily. It was the opposite of all of these!

The Ultra Matte Lip is my favorite. The first color I purchased was Bumble. It’s the one that I have on in my picture. A few weeks ago I got two more and they were giving away a free limited edition lippie stix (far right) for spending at least $10.

Below are some swatches of the three that I received a couple of weeks ago.


From left to right and top to bottom:

Poppin’: This was the lippie stix that I received for spending at least $10. It is super pigmented! I don’t even have to fully apply. I simply rub my lips together after applying some on my bottom lip, and work my way around with what I already have on. It’s great. This has definitely encouraged me to try more of their lippie stix products!

Creeper: This is the PERFECT red! It’s super pigmented and it doesn’t come off easily. In fact none of the ultra matte lipsticks that I’ve purchased come off easily. The formula is GREAT. It’s not rough, or too dry. I believe every woman should have this color in their lipstick collection!

Scrooge: I really fell in love with the swatches that I found with this color, but when I tried it on myself it was a bit darker than I was expecting. I still love it, because again, it’s super pigmented, lasts a long time and it also makes my teeth look whiter!

I’m still struggling with figuring out a way how to apply these without it looking like my hand was shaking, because they dry super fast and it’s hard to remove without leaving an obvious stain on your face (I’m not the best with make-up though, so you may not have this issue)!

If you use colourpop and have a solution to this, leave it in the comments! I will greatly appreciate it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! ❤


3 Replies to “ColourPop – Liquid Lipsticks & Lippie Stix”

  1. I am a huge Colourpop fan ! After my first ultra matte lip purchase I was hooked. I would suggest for sure using a lip liner first and then applying . I also use a Lip Brush to apply the liquid lipstick to the outer area of my lips which allows for more control. ( I hope this helps)
    I had purchases a color that I felt was to dark for me ask well so I mixed it with a lighter color and loved the way it looks and I feel better knowing I can still wear it .
    Great post and great color choices !


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