Life Update!!

Hey guys!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted. I got really busy with my senior year of college and was not able to be as involved with my blog as I wanted to. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve done and what my plans are. Hopefully now I will have more time to share some of the products that I really enjoy as I originally intended to do.

In the last year I became a mom to two precious babies. The black labs name is Lucy and the German Shepard’s name is Leonidas. They are both the sweetest pups anyone could ask for! They are about five months apart and Leo just turned one last month. They are very loving and are so inseparable. Lucy is extremely hyper and people tend to be intimidated by her because of her energy, but she is very sweet and wouldn’t hurt a fly.


Last week I graduated college. I attended a private Christian university and in Arkansas and it was quite the journey! During my senior year I worked at Tyson as a marketing intern and I got to learn a lot about the industry.  I graduated with a major in Marketing and a minor in Spanish. I am currently waiting to hear back on a job offer and hopefully I will be starting my career soon!

Here’s a picture of me on my graduation date!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I have recently picked up new habits and hobbies. I am trying to live a balanced life-style of both eating healthy, yet [[treating ma self]], cause ya know. It’s hard for some to go full on and be healthy! I have gone to a few yoga sessions recently and would like to make this a new hobby (as time permits).

For this blog I had originally intended sharing products that I love using. I will still continue to talk about those things but I also want to do some outfit inspiration posts as well as some motivational posts or stories that I hear from other people. I also have visited a few places (Chicago, New York, Branson) in the last few months and would like to share how I went about planning for those trips as well as including how I made these trips affordable.

Thanks for reading!

See you guys soon!


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