ECOTOOLS – Perfecting Blender Duo

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Hey guys!

Hope you are all doing great!

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about these new EcoTools blending tools. Now, I’m not a makeup artist. I’m not an expert in these but I saw these that many makeup artist that I follow are going crazy about these blending sponges. Some are saying that it’s better than…well, ya know! Because everyone is talking about these, I went ahead and bought some so that I could give them a try.

I have never used the Beauty Blender (cuz das really expensive!!), but I have used the Real Techniques sponge and I loved that one! I didn’t have any issues with the Real Techniques sponge, I actually really like it, but I figured, why not try something new right?

The first thing that I noticed about the EcoTools sponge is the fact that there are TWO sponges! I instantly became excited to see that you can get two in a package. I bought mine at Walmart and the price was $9.98. DAS NOT BAD! Now the RT does have two full size sponges for the same price, but there are a few differences between the two.

Here are some of the details on the EcoTools blending sponges:

It has two flat sides, a flat edge, and a round bottom.

The smaller sponge is perfect for concealing and baking underneath the eyes (more precise coverage). While the larger sponge is idea for the rest of the face.

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dry sponges 

Both of the sponges increase in size when they are wet (similarly to the other sponges). The packages does say that you can use these both wet and dry.

wet sponges 

My thoughts:

“Wow…these are super soft!”

“Aww a baby sponge! How cute”

“I like the color.”

“Baby sponge is definitely a lot firmer than the mama sponge.”

I really like the sponges. I tend to have very dry skin when I come out of the shower so I really like items that help apply my makeup on smoothly and that cover the cracking that can happen if you have really drive skin and I found that the sponges do a good job of covering my face very well. I thought it applied my foundation beautifully and smoothly. I would definitely recommend you give it a try!

Leave your thoughts on the sponges below if you’ve tried them! I’d love to hear your experience with them or any tips on how you use them! 🙂





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