Winter in Manhattan Beach 

Hey guys! 

A few months  ago I signed up for Fabfitfun and I got this lotion. 

The lotion is called Winter in Manhattan Beach by Lilley Anderson. I LOVE it! 

It has a very clean and fresh smell and I have tried to make it last as much as possible. I received this full size in the subscription box, but I am definitely going to repurchase. 

These retail for $25 on the Lilley Anderson website. On their website they state that they never test on animals and the products contain all botanical ingredients. 

I absolutely love this lotion. I love using it before bed after I shower, and sometimes randomly throughout the day so that I can smell it. The scent lasts a pretty long time on my skin. 👍🏼 

Let me know if you’ve tried this and whether or not you love it! Also if you’ve tried any of the Lilley Anderson products please recommend them below so that I can give them a try! 

Til next time! 


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