Kat Von D-Liquid Lipsticks

Lolita & Berlin

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I’ll be doing two posts this week.

About a month ago I purchased my very first Kat Von D lipstick, “Lolita.” This color was actually recommended by one of my best friends. She had mentioned how it was one of her favorites so I decided to give it a try!

My first reaction was “oooo how smooth!” I love the way that the product went on my lips. It was smooth, and pigmented, and it didn’t dry my lips drastically. I usually just put one coat on, but I’ve done two a few times and it just makes the color look a little darker.

This chestnut rose mauve (matte finish) color looks great during the fall (and I’ve read a lot of reviews on how this is more of a fall color) but I’ve worn it in the springtime and it still looks great! I think it works well as a nude lipstick that can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn this lipsticks to interviews (professional attire) and to class (causal attire, white t-shirt, and tennis shoes). In my opinion there’s no limits to this lipstick. It’s a great everyday color!

Lolita (left) & Berlin (right)

The second color I purchased is called “Berlin.” I’ve been trying to transition into a coral color, but I’m having a difficult time just purchasing a coral without trying it first. Berlin is a warm rose colored with a matte finish. Similar to Lolita, Berlin is super pigmented, the quality is great, it goes on smooth and it doesn’t dry my lips. The consistency of the lipstick is very thin, I would recommend two coats on this color just to get full coverage. The product dries quickly, which keeps it from transferring.

One thing that I have noticed is that I have to reapply about every two and a half hours (an hour if I’m eating/drinking). I’ve noticed that after I’ve ate something the product begins to wear off faster than before. I am not a very careful person when it comes to food so this could possibly be my own fault! The edges of the lips are the only part that doesn’t come off easily. Sometimes when removing the lipstick I find it difficult to get it all off.

Overall I really love these lipsticks, they are worth the price, and so far have lasted me at least a month (and I wear Lolita a lot)! I’m looking into purchasing “Santa Sangre.” This is a red orange color. Another step closer to that coral!

If you’re looking for a great everyday lipstick, I’d give Lolita a try! If you’re not sure if mauve colors are your thing, try out Lolita 2 (light to medium skin tone). I personally haven’t tried this color, yet but if you have let me know what you think about it!
Thanks for reading! ❤